Cigar and Whiskey Trays

After long days, for several weeks straight at the shop. I would always look forward to coming home and just unwinding. After kicking up my feet to watch my Lakers, I had a cup of whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other. Thinking of a way to manage the situation every time my squad screwed up or did something amazing, I decided to come up with a few tray options for myself. What started off as a problem I needed to solve for myself, turned into finding a way to make something most people in my situation would appreciate. I could’ve made a quick print and called it a day, but something kept telling me, “make it nice, you deserve it.” I went to work prototyping on some MDF. After about 10-12 different iterations, I settled with 4 options. I decided Walnut wood, would be the best for that “elegant and mature feel.”

Here are the results:

The first tray I felt was the most important for myself was the Cigar, Snack and Whiskey Tray. It holds my cigar, a snack like almonds or chocolate and a glass of whiskey.

Tray made out of Walnut wood, for a Cigar, a Snack and a glass of Whiskey

The second tray I felt was the next best option was the Cigar and Whiskey Tray. I felt this tray would be best for when a snack was unnecessary and unwinding was more important.

Tray made out of Walnut wood, for a Cigar and a glass of Whiskey

The third tray was the Snack and Whiskey Tray. This tray is for the non smokers that just need a drink and a snack to unwind.

Tray made out of Walnut wood, for a Snack and glass of Whiskey

The fourth tray was the Solo Whiskey Tray. Who needs a cigar or snack, when you have endless refills of your favorite drink next to you.

Tray made out of Walnut wood, for a glass of Whiskey

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