Freddy’s Fuego Jordan 1’s

I must start off by saying. Thank you to Wally Champ for putting up with changes made on this box. I’m not sure how many times we changed up the game plan on this, but I’m glad we did. Originally we were thinking “DISPLAY BOX” and it ended up with a “ROLL-IT-UP-BOX.” How do you change your design half way? I have no idea, just felt right 3 times. So the plan changed at 3 halfway points. Nonetheless, the Client was happy with final product and so were we. That’s all that matters.


Check out this video before we get into details…  Freddy’s Fuego Video (Click Here)


The box took on a Matte Black and Walnut Wood finish on the exterior. The bottom half was engraved with Freddy’s Fuego packaging pattern and painted with a Matte black finish. The box lid has a double function. First its obviously a lid that closes up the box and second its a custom rolling tray. Yes, the Cannabis Industry needs this. We had a hard time finding a solid piece of Walnut Board, wide enough to be able to fit the size. KEEP IN MIND there’s a PANDEMIC and the world is pretty much closed for business, but we managed and made it happen. The interior of the box has a secondary acrylic engraved lid, just in case the wooden lid/tray is needed for something else or “in use.”. Hmmmm.

Freddy’s Fuego Shoe Box with Rolling Tray Lid
Secondary Acrylic Lid


Rolling Tray Shoe Box
Custom Shoe Box with Rolling Tray Lid
Freddy Fuego Rolling Tray/Box Lid

I don’t know where to start with the kicks themselves, but the details these shoes have are just off the chains. The backside/heel panels and swooshes on the shoes have a vertical wood board pattern that contrast well with the overall green of the shoes. Don’t miss the leaf back there too. It blends in, but “PAY ATTENTION” to the details. The green panels have the Freddy’s Fuego packaging pattern all around, laced up with gold capped, black Leather laces. Tongue tabs we laser engraved and finished with Gold Leather paint. The details on the shoes are far from lacking. Wally “Lit” this one up.

Freddy’s Fuego Inspired Jordan 1’s by Wally Champ.

Freddy’s Fuego Shoes and Box




Leaf on the Back…. Details…
Custom Tongue Tabs
More…..Tongue Tab Details…..
Freddy’s Fuego Packaging Pattern all over J’s
Kicks in the Box


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