D’Usse Collaboration with Wally Champ – Custom Jordan 1s with Box

Now that 2020 is behind us. Lets get back to business.

The D’Usse Collaboration we did with Wally Champ is probably my favorite project we’ve done to date.

The vision for this project was to create a box for the shoes to be displayed in, that told a story. The exterior of the box was approached with very minimal design elements. We kept it a crisp, white canvas with the Gold D’Usse Cross and D’Usse Stamp. When we sat down with Wally, we discussed his approach and what he was going to focus on, with his canvas, the Jordan 1. Knowing the main detail was going to be on the heel of the shoe, we decided to make create openings that focused on that part of the shoe only. We used arches, for the opening, to help bring focus to the heel of the shoe. Conceptually we decided on creating a home for the shoes and decided to create a Cognac House where Cognac is made and aged. The interior of the “Cognac House” has a dark, old, rustic feel to it, full of 3D Printed barrels that house the Cognac we drink, known as D’Usse. Conceptually that is… LOL… The base where the shoes sit on, is a tray that slides in and out to remove and store shoes.  We created slots that resemble that of a glass of D’Usse Cognac, were the shoes rest on. Personally, this is my favorite Collab so far, that we’ve done with Wally Champ to date. Check out the images below and decide for yourself.

Photos by: Wally Champ

D”Usse Project – Collaboration with Artist Wally Champ
D’Usse Box with Tray Open
D’Usse Box with Jordan 1s, Painted by Wally Champ
D’Usse Box with Jordan 1s stored away.
D’Usse Jordan 1s serving Tray

This image below sums up greatness. These D’Usse Jordan 1s are One of a Kind, only 5 pairs created. To the naked eye most would think what’s so special about the shoe? I would say “stare” at them. Look at every inch of paint that has been laid onto the shoe. While most of the shoe may be Burgundy, there are fades that give it dimensionality. Once you notice the fading on the Burgundy panels, you’ll notice the amount of detail that went into the Swoosh and the Rear panels of the shoe. The text, the fades, the crispness of the graphics and choice of placement for the graphics is just genius.  Check out the video for more up close details.

D’Usse Jordan 1s by Wally Champ.

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