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In need of an Architectural Model??? Whether 3D Printed, Laser Cut, CNC Milled or the Old School hand cut model. We can help you. With our background in Architecture, this is our favorite service to provide. We work with Architects and Designers to create  Study Models and Presentation Models for their projects. Send us an email with details and we will make sure to get in touch. 

ECHELON at 6344 Fountain

ECHELON at 1151 Las Palmas

Kardent Design - Presentation Model


We do not have a set fee. Our price is based Per Project. This is because some projects are more difficult to model than others and some models may need to special preparation for printing. We need to see what we are making in order to give a price. One way to do this would be to submit documentation, with as much information as possible. via email and phone call to discuss. This way we can get an idea of what it is your are trying to do. The absolute best way would be to schedule a meeting.

Without knowing exactly what we are making a model of. It is hard to give a time frame. The smallest projects take longer to build sometimes, just because the project may have a lot of detail, as opposed to a larger project with less detail.

Sure, that is not a problem. As long as your modeler knows how to 3D Model specifically for 3D Printing. A lot of times, when some one does not have experience 3D Modeling, specifically for 3D Printing, they are not familiar with how to build a 3D Printable Model. There are a lot of things to consider when creating a 3D Model for 3D Printing, ie. Support Material Placement(link to info about support material), Minimum thickness of parts(Link to “Does my model/ file pass the test?“) They need to consider both printer and material limitations. You may have them use our website as reference but they may end up wasting a lot of time if they misinterpret specs. We can help you avoid this!

Yes! We would Scan your sculpture to create a 3D model of it. Visit 3D Scanning to learn more!

First time Architectural Models? Visit the link below!