Bacardi Inspired Jordan 1’s by Wally Champ with Luxury Box

Stay-at-home has me on that Bacardi Tip. While its a moderate tip, it for sure has made me make the switch from Corona to Bacardi for sure. When this project landed on my desk, I knew exactly what to do. That was the problem, it isn’t that easy. After a two hour conversation with Wally, we decided on what we felt would be the best color scheme for the box, that would compliment the shoes he had envisioned for his client. As you can see below for yourself. The results came out just as planned. Well… Not exactly… More like as we planned, re-planned and re-re-planned. Yes, $h!t happens! Regardless, the result is straight FIRE!!!

We ended up with a White Bottom, Red Top and Black Interior. My favorite part of this project, aside from the classic Jordan colorway, is the LID. We engraved an image symbolic of the Bacardi History and gave a it a High Gloss Red paint job. To tone down the bright, I’m coming at you red, we went with a white bottom. The Bacardi Logo and Wally Champ logos engraved along both longer sides. We added the accent Black line along the seam line, in reference to the bottle seal itself. With 75% of the box white, we felt that the Box Label needed a pop and opted to go with Red. Overall, the exterior feel of the box is exactly what we need to set up the stage, for when the box was opened. The interior has a black finish that helps the red of the shoe bags, just pop as soon as you open it up. Not only does the interior black help the bags pop, but serves a great backdrop for the final masterpiece, the “Superior Ones,” to rest on. Wally Champ killed these J’s. If you know, you know. The signature “Wally Champ Fingerprint,” and Bacardi logo details all around the shoes, topped off with leather engraved laces and tongue tabs take these Jordans to the next level. Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below or on any social media platform. @LA3DSTUDIO and @WALLYCHAMP15

Stay Tuned for the next project in the pipeline.

Bacardi Superior Luxury Shoe Box
Black Interior
Bacardi Superior Box
Bacardi Custom Shoe box for Jordan 1s
Superior Ones on Lid
Interior View of Superior Ones Bagged and Boxed
Bacardi Superior Jordan 1’s
Caption this Bacardi….


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