Mash and Zen Hemlets

Before I Begin, I want to say THANK YOU to Jonathan and Justin for giving us full freedom on this project. The two brothers came to the shop super hyped about getting their gamer gear going for their youtube channel. They showed us 3 images of what they had seen online and wanted us to recreate the helmet. While we could’ve recreated the helmet, we felt that it wasn’t what they needed. To us, it was the starting point for what they had invisioned the helmets should be. They were both open from the beginning, as to what the final product should be and was key to the success of the project. They had the vision and they found and trusted us to execute.

While its not obvious at first glance, both helmets are using the same exact base. However, these two warriors needed their own identity. Mash is the crazy, wild and the trash talking warrior out of the two. The dude, naturally has this comic charm to him, and super cocky at that. With all the trash talking coming from him during these epic online battles, we decided we needed to give him a few battle scars, but deck his grill out with some Swarovski ice, to give that arrogant, untouchable vibe. Zen, the calmer more focused warrior, needed to be the opposite of Mash. His helmet tells the story the best. It has a sharp cut/gash down the left eye, a chipped tooth and tons of scars all around. Its like a ying and yang with these two. I must say this was absolutely a dope ass project and the brothers, most importantly, were happy with the result.

See for yourself below.

Mash Helmet
Mash’s Iced Out Grill
Mash Name Tag on Backside of Helmet
Zen Helmet
Zen-Eye Slice
Chipped Tooth Grill
Zen Name Tag on Backside of Helmet


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