2020 Grey Goose Inspired Air Max and Jordans

While 2020 hasn’t been the best with the Covid-19 Pandemic, its been a good time working on some projects with Wally Champ. The first Collaboration for 2020 was the Grey Goose inspired Air Max and Jordan 1s. We sat down and determined what was a good way to make the shoes and the packaging feel like a Grey Goose packaged pair of Luxury Custom Kicks. Wally Champ took his brush to the shoes and laid down the paint the only  way he knows how to. The Jordan’s were LGBT inspired, and have a very strong color scheme to represent just that. The Jordan and Air Max base is a soft gray, that which resembles the softness of the bottle itself, detailed with a slight darker shade of gray all around. The blue, while bold, was not used all over the shoe, but more towards the heel of the shoe to give it the subtle feel from the front. With accents and hints of darker shades of gray and blue all over the shoes, its hard to argue this was a simple color change. Its the attention to detail that makes these shoes stand out, like no other.

Our approach is to always make, both the shoes and box, to compliment each other. As always, we put our thoughts in the experience of the client. When this person receives the shoes what are they thinking and feeling step by step. We felt that the Grey Goose blue was a must on the exterior and to tone down the blue we decided to use a white lid. The box’s exterior sides were all engraved and painted to a matte finish. The lid’s exterior has a simple goose cut-out, back with engraved acrylic. We needed a color that would make the blue shoe bag, the shoes are slipped in, to pop, so we decided to go with silver. The silver interior complimented the blue bag, but didn’t quite get us that Luxury feel, so we engraved a Goose Logo and Pattern to the Lid to make this box live up to its theme, “Live Victoriously.” Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.


Open Box with Engraved Interior Lid
Grey Goose Inspired Shoe Box by LA3-D
Wally Champ’s Grey Goose Inspired Air Max and Jordans
Grey Goose Box with Shoe Bag


Grey Goose Jordans


Jordan Heel Details on Shoe Bag
LGBT Jordan Heels in Shoe Box being chilled.
LGBT Jordans
Chilled Grey Goose Inspired Air Max
Kicks and Box


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