Skull and Bones Jordan 1s by Wally Champ Collaboration

Going down memory lane to a 2019 collaboration we did with Wally Champ. Artwork was done on a Jordan 1 base and took on a rustic, tough feel and look. The heels exhibit a dark brown tone, made up of rustic wood boards with rusted nails. The rest of the shoe is a black tone, with Skull and Bones. Gold accents/tips are used on the leather laces, used to tie these bad boys on. The shoe/box Collaboration was only half of this project, the other half was the introduction to Wally Champ’s, “What’s in the Box,” podcast on youtube. This is an extension of Wally’s creativity, where he reaches out to other Creatives and engages in a 1 on 1 conversation that takes a direction of its own. Its a free flowing conversation Podcast where everything is game. Topics range from the inspiration to create, to the struggles they face during the process of creating. The box is used as the main prop used for the conversation piece/gift during the podcast. You can watch these videos here. The box was kept as a simple wood stained box, engraved with markings of Wally Champ’s brand all around. The perfect dual purpose box for the Skull and Bones Jordans and his Podcast prop.


Jordan 1 Skull and Bones
Jordan 1s on the WITB Lid
Skull and Bones Displayed with WITB Box
Wood Panel Details on Heel
Lace Details


Toe Cap Details
Stained Wood Box, with laser engraved Wally Champ markings.