Minimal Office Essentials

Nuez, Spanish for Walnut, Collection is a minimalist design for the office setting. Its lightweight and uni-body design can be used by the on-the-go individual that works in various settings. The Nuez Collection is made up of three designs. The Vista, is a simple and sleek phone holder. The Pluma, is a sleek and simple business card and pen holder. The Trio, is the combination of both the Vista and the Pluma. It has a compartment for the Phone, Business Card and Pen. This All-in-one design will take your office environment to the next level of simplicity.


The Vista, is a timeless phone holder that can will bring a minimalist feel to your work environment. Keep your phone in your view (vista)at all times while you work. Dont miss that important call/text or video call with your loved ones. Perfect for Facetime/Skype/Video calls anywhere you go.


The Pluma, is a timeless business card and pen holder that can will bring a minimalist feel to your work environment. Its lightweight and small size allows for easy set, either at you desk or the neighborhood Starbucks. Let people know you mean business next time they walk by you at the coffee shop or Co-Working space. This is a must for the on-the-go individual that works from various settings.


The Trio, is a timeless All-In-One office essential. This minimalist design will bring a simple feel to your work environment. It has phone & business card slots and a pen pod for your favorite pen. Perfect for home and office, as well as the mobile individual, that needs to be ready to look serious at all times.

How it was made

The Nuez Collection, is milled out of Fine Walnut Wood that is hand sanded and finished with a Satin Lacquer finish for ultimate durability.